Got Time? Got Skills? Volunteer!

Volunteer Office Skills

Many non-profit organizations in New York suffer from cut budgets and function with minimal staffing. If you have any office skills such as answering the phone, filing, running copies, etc. and could spare a few hours a week, you contribution would trememdous. WHIDC's goal to help support the community through business loans, often requires alot of legal paperwork. The faster and smoother the paperwork goes through, the more prompt we can be with getting our loans out to you.

Contact Zuleika Gavilanes or Maria Bassallo at (212)795-1600.

Volunteer Medieval Festival

Please Click Here to Volunteer at the Festival. One of the major times of the year when we need the most volunteers is in the fall when we hold our yearly Medieval Festival in Fort Tyron Park. This one day festival relies heavily on volunteers who are willing to help with everything from: tent building, food preparation, unloading boxes, sewing, helping give people directions, etc. The more volunteers we have, the better the production turns out. The better the production evolves, the better the impression our community makes on sponsors and potential investors, in the end benefiting our community by bringing it the attention it deserves.
Corporate volunteering opportunities also available.


Monetary Gifts and Supplies

With tight budgets, any generous gifts allow new equipment and expanded programs to be funded, all benefiting the community in the end. We also would gladly accept any remaining business supplies, fabric and sewing supplies, medieval costumes, etc. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Zuleika Gavilanes or Maria Bassallo directly at (212) 795-1600.

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