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Finance and Business Resources

NYC Business Express NYC Business Express is the one-stop online tool for the license, permit, tax, incentive information and applications you need, for any business in NYC. The NYC Business Express Incentives Estimator can even provide a customized list of City, State, and Federal incentives for which your business may qualify.

WHIDC Commercial Database Phase I WHIDC has compiled a downloadable commercial real estate database (Excel format) for the Washington Heights neighborhood from 163rd to 193rd Streets.
Phase II, from 193rd to 220th: WHIDC Commercial Database Phase II.
Phase III, from 155th to 163rd: WHIDC Commercial Database Phase III.

Washington Heights Commercial Vacancies Maps A downloadable map of vacant commercial real estate in the neighborhood. Recent as of 7/07.

The New York City Partnership: Small Business Development Center via the NY Public Library, this site is a good start for articles on effective business management, local event and lecture postings along with city and state funded grants available.

New York City Health Insurance Link was created to help New York City residents and small business owners find health insurance. New Yorkers can compare the costs and benefits of selected health plans, explore strategies to make coverage more affordable, and learn some “basics” about health insurance, such as definitions of the words insurers use and facts about consumer protections.

The New York State Banking Department A difficult to navigate site that is packed with information. Best points include the 'Citizen's Guide'- a quick handbook for Business, Taxes, etc. of all the programs, forms offered by the State of Ny. From the main banking site, the 'current events' and 'Fees' will keep you up to date on city and state regulations if you need to be dealing with that level of heavy information.

The New York State Empire State Development Corporation The main corporation that offers services, programs, counselors and help with running a business in NY. A very User Friendly site in everyday language.

The Small Business Administration A Federal Agency created to help business gain and utilize government aid. Good, easy to navigate, everyday language site most useful for those who have been running their business for a few years.

Audubon Partnership for Economic Development Audubon Partnership for Economic Development offers loans and assistance with storefront improvements all over Washington Heights.

Workshops in Business Opportunties (WIBO) "WIBO helps small business owners and budding entrepreneurs in under-served communities obtain financial success in starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs, and improve communities"

Northern Manhattan Coalition for Economic Development NMCED promotes economic independence and self-sufficiency through programs including English (ESL), GED and College Preparation, Computer Literacy, Job Placement, and Resume Building.

SCORE "America's premier source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs."

BOC Network The Business Outreach Network (BOC) has offices in all 5 boros, and the greater Newark, NJ area. BOC assists miroentrepreneurs and small businesses with business development programs, including microloans.

NYC Department of Small Business Services "We can help you resolve issues with city agencies, obtain permits and licensing, access financing and incentives, bid on government contracts, hire and train your workforce, and take advantage of the benefits of being in New York City"

NYC Department of City Planning The Department of City Planning is responsible for the city's physical and socioeconomic planning, including land use and environmental review; preparation of plans and policies; and provision of technical assistance and planning information to government agencies, public officials, and community boards

-NYC Department of Consumer Affairs The Department of Consumer Affairs administers licenses to those businesses that require a license, as well as educating consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

-Mayor's Office, Community Assistance Unit The "eyes and ears" of the Mayor, the Community Assistance Unit serves as a liaison with the Mayor's office and other city agencies. The CAU also includes the Street Activity Permit Office, which administers permits for street festivals, fairs, and block parties.

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Established in 1994 to encourage and nurture investment in Upper Manhattan.

Academic Info: Business Degrees & Online Subject Guide A helpful resource for academic research and business studies are business journals, which can be found and studied online.

Harlem CDC Harlem CDC's goal is to revitalize Upper Manhattan's economy and culture by attracting new attention to Harlem's underutilized commercial and residential spaces. Also provides information and technical assistance to entrepreneurs.
Get Your Business Into Shape.

We are here to help simplify the day-to-day process of running your business, so you can get back to focusing on what you are passionate about.

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Local Historical Sites and Museums

This is just a sample of the many places Northern Manhattan has to offer. You can find links to more extensive directory listings under Neighborhood Websites.

Washington Heights Historian an excellent, brief biography section covering almost every historical site in the neighborhood.
Part of the (Hudson Heights Owners Coalition website)

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan and is a museum highlighting 232 years of New York history, culture, and arts.

The Cloisters the medieval art branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (located in Fort Tryon Park)

The Little Red Lighthouse This Landmark has no website of it's own, however this page provides an indepth history of the lighthouse's past and present. The Jeffreys Hook Lighthouse served as a navigational aid before and after the George Washington Bridge was built. Today, Park Rangers conduct tours.

George Washington Bridge One of the most beautiful (and busiest!) bridges in the world, the GWB boasts gorgeous views of the Hudson River, the Palisades and Manhattan.(* Warning: Image Heavy site)

The American Academy of Arts and Letters
633 West 155th Street, Tel: (212) 368-5900
hosts exhibitions of art and manuscripts as well as readings and performances of new musicals.

The Hispanic Society of America is dedicated to the art and culture of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, with permenant display, exhibitions and lectures. One of the largest collections of important Goya's & Velasquez's paintings in the world.

The American Numismatic Society international center dedicated to the preservation and study of coins, medals and paper money, representing 2,500 years of culture and history.

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Community Organizations

A handful of the many organizations that aim to help beautify, protect and provide services to residents of Upper Manhattan. For an extensive directory go to the Neighborhood Websites section.

Friends of Fort Tryon Park, Inc., a non-profit community organization sponsoring the care and beautification of Fort Tryon Park.

Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition
652 West 187th Street, Tel: (212) 781-6722
Provides housing and community service programs along with confilict resolution help.

New York City Services Provides information about city services, elected officals, download forms, and city publications.

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Neighborhood Websites

General directories and webrings of specific local websites for all areas in Upper Manhattan.

Washington Heights and Inwood Online A clearing house of information about everything you could want to know about this area: history, news, calender, forum, classifieds...and one of the most comprehensive and well organized resource pages out there. Your BEST source for information and events in the WaHI neighborhood.

Hot and Cool Guide Hot & Cool Guide is your neighborhood expert. It is designed to show residents, new comers and tourists how to get around a neighborhood and what to do while they’re there. Check out the Hudson Heights guide, available free at many local establishments.

Northern Manhattan/ The Heights Web Ring You have to be patient for this directory to download, but once done it offers many of the local websites- i.e. building associations, forums, etc. for northern manhattan area.

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Community Calendar

Many of the Historical Societies and Gardens listed above often maintain event listings and activities also.

The Hudson Heights Owners Coalition, maintains local calender of community and tenant meetings, parks and events.

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