Center Cheap North

12:00: Una Cantante - Traditional Music

12:30: Amy Fass - Recorder & Crumhorn

1:00: Mystic Minstrels - Medieval, Celtic, and World Music

1:30: Salomone Duo - Songs From Across Europe

2:00: Una Cantante - Traditional Music

2:30: Friar Nyp Plays the Kemence

3:00: Mystic Minstrels - Medieval, Celtic, and World Music

3:30: Salomone Duo - Songs From Across Europe

4:00: Majesta Chanters - Sung Gregorian Chant

4:30: Friar Nyp Plays the Kemence

5:00: Recordonna & Musoica - Recorder and Rebec

Be sure to visit and listen to the harp of Kathleen Finnegan! Performing through-out the day, roadside past the Centercheap Market North stage


The castle of Edward I at Caernarvon succeeded first a Roman fort, and then a Norman motte and bailey - built by Hugh of Avranches around 1090. This motte was incorporated into the Edwardian castle, but was destroyed around 1870 (Dr Lawrence Butler suggested to me that there is a good argument for a new resistivity survey to be carried out for the investigation of this). The Welsh retook the original motte in 1115 and retained control until Edward's invasion and colonization in 1283. The site's previous history also demonstrates the strategic importance of the site.

Caernarfon Castle

Edward's building was initiated by his march from Chester, and work probably began in May 1283. Edward wanted to create a nucleus of English influence in this area, which was previously so rich in Welsh tradition and anti-English feeling. He also wished to create Caernarvon as the capital of a new dominion - hence the incorporation of a town and market into the strong walls of the site.

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