Center Cheap Green

Featuring Two Shows:
Mistress Tale Weaver, Storytelling with participation and fun.
Alice and Her Puppet Friends, Meet the dragon, ARFF
and see a classic Punch and Judy show.

12:30: Mistress Tale Weaver - Participation & Fun

1:00: Friar Nyp: Kemence

1:30: Mistress Tale Weaver - Participation & Fun

3:00: Majesta Chanters: Sung Gregorian Chant

3:30: Mistress Tale Weaver: Participation & Fun

4:00: Una Cantante: Traditional Music

4:30: Mistress Tale Weaver: Participation & Fun

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle Warwick Castle is a medieval castle in Warwick, the county town of Warwickshire, England. It sits on a bend on the River Avon. The castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 within or adjacent to the Anglo-Saxon burh of Warwick. It was used as a fortification until the early 17th century, when Sir Fulke Greville converted it to a country house. It was owned by the Greville family, who became earls of Warwick in 1759, until 1978.

From 1088, the castle traditionally belonged to the Earl of Warwick, and it served as a symbol of his power. The castle was taken in 1153 by Henry of Anjou, later Henry II. It has been used to hold prisoners, including some from the Battle of Poitiers in the 14th century. Under the ownership of Richard Neville - also known as "Warwick the Kingmaker" - Warwick Castle was used in the 15th century to imprison the English king, Edward IV.

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