Little Theater

Featuring Three shows:

WonderSpark Puppets, A new Marionette Show: The Puppet Princess. When her best friend, Sprig the horse, goes missing, it's up to Princess Willow to find him again. Along the way we'll make new friends and sing songs in this highly interactive puppet show.

Muggle Juggle and the Fairy Wish Registry: Join this muggle to learn how to juggle and spin plates like a professional. Get your wish recorded in the Fairy Wish Registry.

Marco the Magician:The hand is faster than the eye, Join Marco for magic for all ages.

12:00: WonderSpark Puppets: The Puppet Princess

12:30: Marco The Magician

1:00: Juggling Lessons with Muggle Juggle & The Fairy Wish Registry

1:30: WonderSpark Puppets: The Puppet Princess

2:00: Meet Robin Hood & His Merry Menv

2:30: Juggling Lessons with Muggle Juggle & The Fairy Wish Registry

3:00: Marco The Magician

3:30: WonderSpark Puppets: The Puppet Princess

4:00: Marco The Magician

4:30: Juggling Lessons with Muggle Juggle & The Fairy Wish Registry

The Children's Time Tent

In one Era and Out the Other!
Enter 2017, Exit 1117
and. . .
The Kids Zone

Puppet making, arts & crafts for kids.
both the Kid's Zone and the Time Tent
are Located adjacent to the Little Theatre
at the northern end of the Park and are
sponsored by the Educational Alliance.

Chateau-Gillard Castle

Think back to the fantastic life of Richard the Lionheart, the friend of Robin Hood, as Walter Scott related it in his novel Ivanhoe. Chateau-Gaillard is the very place where these romanticized stories meet History. For this fortress was dreamed of, skillfully Chateau-Gaillard Castledesigned and built by the fiery Richard I of England, feudal Duke of Normandy, better known as Richard the Lionheart. This nickname was given in recognition of his bravery in the Crusades.

Eight hundred years later, Chateau-Gaillard offers living proof that this celebrated ruler really existed. Its stones give an idea of Richard's nature. Like its creator, the stronghold of Les Andelys calls to mind strength, power, invincibility. Yet the virtually impregnable fortress would live only a few years, just like Richard, who was too confident in his talents as a warrior.

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