Trumpet used by Town Crier

The Village of the Heights is all excited. A traveling group of actors, minstrels, jousters, jugglers, singers, dancers and magicians is approaching the castle walls Our yeomen and serfs are starting to build stages and the merchants and inn keepers have hired extra help for this once a year visit.

King Adrian has sent out messengers to find out who is in the caravan of entertainers. The caravan of entertainers has answered the King, so please listen carefully to who the listing of the king's entertainers:

Alice and Her Puppet Friends - Alice C. W. Dennis
Amy Fass
Bobert the Great
Creepy Bard - David Mikosfsky
Don Thomas - Thomas Darnsteadt
Ella the Faerie - Eleanor Larsen
Friar Nyp - Lesley Retzer
Giacinta Pace
Kathleen Finnegan
Lady Ann of Sussex - Patricia Darnsteadt
Marco the Magician - Marco Frezza
Michael Lee
Mistress Tale Weaver - Kathy Devine
Muggle Juggle - Martin (Marty) Larsen
Musotica - Barbara Benary
Una Cantante - Jodi DiLiberto
Chain Boarder
Mystic Minstrels Gorden Highlanders of Locust Valley
Stuart DeUsoz
Catalna DeUsoz
Solon DeUsoz
Aurora DeUsoz
Charlie Armstrong
Devin Blaine
Chain Boarder
Three Pints Shy Knights of Avalon
David Anthony
Seth Morgan
Jonathan Siregar
Robert Taylor
Sir Aiden Nottingham - Tim McDonald
Lady Aryn Greenfield - Michelle-Lien McDonald
Sir Teel Mac Tavish - Teel James Glenn
Madame Godiva D'Mer - Agatha Jugra
Squire Artemsia Fletcher - Ruth Santiago
Sir Darian Guilds - John Anthony
Sir Ari Yehuda - Andrew Jason
Arn McGeddon - The Black Knight
Squire Winnifred - Anne Finger
Squire Agravine - Daniel Finger
Chain Boarder
Majesta Chanters Mike Dupuy Falconry
Chant Master - Paul Novosel Mike Dupuy
Chain Boarder
Mystical Muses New York Lyric Circus
Sanne Kelly
Abigail Spath
Joey the Jester - John Grimaldi
Suzanne Present
Daphne Jay Bell
Barbara Lynn Rice
Mackenzie Reide
Bonnie Heather Greene
Chain Boarder
Robin Hood Field Show Round Table Productions
Period Productions, LLC
Chain Boarder
Salomone duo Society of Creative Anachronisms
Carol Flamm Reingold
Elissa Weiss
Coordinator - Piglet Evans
Chain Boarder
Science Tellers USA Knights
Armored Combat League
Captain - Andre Sinou
Chain Boarder
Wondersparks Puppets
Chad Williams
Chain Boarder
Glass Blowers Sculpture
Maria Aroche Raven Sculpture
Carl Raven
Stone Carving, tools and Techniques Traditional Arts and Crafts of the Medieval Period
William Thompsen Society of Creative Anachronisms
Chain Boarder
Stage manager
Chris Clarke
Whitney Hudson
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Production Staff & Volunteers
Executive Producer: Dennis C. Reeder
Festival Coordinator: Peter Metralexis
Performance Director: Kendall Hudson
Vendor & Site Corodinators: Maria Bassallo and John Bozek
Publicity Director: Tonya Reeves, Identity Communications
Hospitality Manager and Victualizer: Angelo Ortiz, with the assistance of Tara Jefferson, Magda Souffront, the Gitelsons, and many more ...
Costume Master: Jennifer Anderson (
Festival Program Design: Daielle Regan
Costume Designer: Robert Coleman
Joust: Round Table Productions
Stage Managers: Whitney Hudson and Chris clarke
Tents: Corynne Wiegle, Mediaeval Miscellanea
Pageant Wagon Sound by Gotham Sound Website by Don and Anne Young
Program Map Design by Amy Conoboy
Flyer, Poster Art and Pageant Wagon Tapestries: Ray Lago
Banners and Tournament Field Backdrop: Sarah Scrignar-Marques
Official Video Grapher: Carol Binkowski
Official Photographers: Barry Ritter, Kate J. Reeder
Chain Boarder
A Very Special Thanks to

The staff of the NYC Parks and Recreation, especially Jennifer Hoppa, Daniel Mercado, Forestry Divison, Borough Crews and the 86th Street Shops. We also want to thank the NYC Police Department, NYC Transit Authority, and Materials for the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Since 1983, the Parks Department and the Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corporation, chaired by Joseph J. Laufer, have been partners in bringing the Medieval Festival to Fort Tyron Park.